Hot lime putty




Our lime putty¬† is made from hotlime – it’s not NHL lime, which hardens and becomes less breathable over time. This putty is matured for 6 months minimum.

Please be aware that putty on its own has limited uses – it should be mixed with a fine grit for plastering, or gritty sharp sand for mortar. It can be mixed with water for limewash, but cannot be used on its own for much else.

Keep moist for at least a month after use. Store tightly sealed to the air, and ideally with a little water over the surface.

Note that the 2kg tubs we use are a little lighter than 2kg when full of pure putty.

Returns Policy: Can be returned if unopened with the lid seal intact.  We charge a re-stocking fee to cover shipping charges.


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Weight 2.2 kg


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