Hot lime mortar – 2 Kg Tub




Our lime putty mortar mix is made from hotlime – it’s not NHL lime, which will harden and become less breathable over time. This putty is matured for 6 months minimum, but does have a small amount of pozzolan included, which helps it to carbonate once applied. We add gritty sharp sand to give it body, and the ability to set with the appearance of a pale coloured mortar.

Keep moist for at least a month after use. Store tightly sealed to the air, and ideally with a little water over the surface. It can be very stiff when delivered – it has not set!  It just needs to be worked a little to become pliable.

Returns Policy: Can be returned if unopened with the lid seal intact.  We charge a re-stocking fee to cover shipping charges.

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Weight 2.2 kg


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